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Heidi McEvoy-Swift is a textile artist and theatre costume practitioner.  Trained at Central School of Art, she also works as designer and artist educator. 



In August 2022 Heidi curated the exhibition Life after life...afterlife? at Arts University Bournemouth.  

This exhibition presents work exploring traces of use and embodied performance in five costumes taken from the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds costume store.  The exhibition re-contextualises the garments as both media for creation, and objects suffused with history.  Embedded within these costumes are the stories of the designers, makers and actors whose work and interaction with the garments is examined. 

'In staging this exhibition I aim to create an encounter with costume for the viewer.  I ask them to consider what a costume removed from its performance is, what it may embody, and what of the previous life of the garment moves forward with it, from it, into its next incarnation.  What might be its next story?' 


Self-portrait: Balancing Act, May 2020

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